Bell the Eevee

((yo! sorry i totally disappeared again! while i was gone for the 1000th time i have been drawing up comics for this blog and thinking alot about the story-line! 

but the thing i was mostly thinking about is bells eyes. which do you guys prefer?))

  1. seth-astral answered: i’d say 2 :D
  2. askmeowthchan answered: 2
  3. neko7676 said: I love the originals , they have that sort of ” sad puppy dog eyes ” look to them and look very cute ! :3
  4. negativenox answered: (( The original seems to fit the character more, so, 2 c:> ))
  5. formerlyaskbeedrill answered: I like the one you’re using now! Two.
  6. atlantahammy answered: I like three, kinda gives some life to her eyes, might also help with expressions with drawing.
  7. saeras answered: I like number one, personally. Cute, but not to the point of ADORABBLES OVERLOAD, which a lot of eevee’s fall into. :)
  8. leafpool12 answered: 3 looks cool
  9. flareandco answered: i think i like the original one better vwv
  10. petaeevee-bell posted this
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